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Why Kids Should Not Consume Drinks

A teenager recently died in a South Carolina high school because of a caffeine-induced cardiac event. The coroner that handled this case said that the high caffeine is the kind that is found in a majority of energy drinks that are sold in local stores. After taking too much caffeine, it disrupted the heart, and eventually stopped it. It was a baffling situation especially when you consider that there are many children that take energy drinks every day. With such an effect to the heart, there is no doubt that parents should start monitoring the kinds of drinks that their children take, even when they are not at home.

Professional Recommendations
Pediatrics in America recommend, that adolescents aged 12 – 18 should not take more than 100 milligrams of caffeine in one day. This is the amount that you will find in atypical cup of coffee. In addition to that, they recommend that adolescents should steer away from energy drinks. However, despite these recommendations, a study conducted in 2011 showed that about half on the adolescents I the country consume this drinks. It is a situation that points to a worrying trend that relates to the health of the youth. With that death in South Carolina, it is important to take these recommendations more seriously.

Regulating the Amount of Caffeine
One thing that parents have to note is that the amount of caffeine that is contained in energy drinks is not regulated by the FDA. Studies have shown that some of these drinks contain up to 300 milligrams in a single serving. This means that they contain three times the recommended amount, and that is where the problem begins. With children taking these drinks every day, it is difficult to imagine the risks that they expose themselves to. In fact, there are those that take more than one serving every day, yet one is already way more than what they should be taking.

Nutritional Benefit
What makes the situation even worse is the fact that there is no nutritional benefit that one gets by consuming energy drinks. They only end up taking a large component of caffeine that children do not actually need. In other words, it is a waste of calories. According to most pediatrics, these drinks should not have any place in children. They have severally pointed out that there are many other drinks out there that can be beneficial to kids and adolescents. You may want to substitute that energy drink with one that actually has some nutritional value, and can contribute to the overall development and growth of the child especially during the early stages.

However, despite the effort by professional to advice against the consumption of energy drinks, many teens still take them regularly. These rinks are sold right next to high schools and therefore, these kids can get a can whenever they need it. The fact that they are also relatively affordable means that any ten can have them. To save this generation, it is important to make them understand the dangers of too much caffeine.

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