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Why Energy Drinks Were Banned At Coventry Secondary School

When the administration at Coventry Secondary School announced that students will no longer be allowed to use energy drinks, most people were shocked. It is because these drinks are consumed in large volumes around this area. There is hardly a home that does not stock them. However, what they did not know is that there are many health risks that are associated with these drinks. While retail stores record high sales, the consumers who are most school going children are messing up their health without even noticing it. This is the reason parents and everyone else needs to know the dangers that are associated with too much intake of energy drinks.

Too Much Caffeine
One of the characteristics of energy drinks is that they contain high amounts of caffeine. In fact, this is proudly displayed on their cans and advertisements. This is one of the ingredients responsible for the effect caused by the drinks. What you should know is that caffeine can cause various health risks if it is not controlled. In fact, although the UK government says that no child should take more than 105mg of caffeine in a day, these drinks contain as high as 160mg. You can imagine what these young people are getting exposed to by being allowed to take such products.

Increased Risk of Diabetes
Most of these energy drinks are packed with a combination of ingredients. If you take a closer look, you will notice that they contain too much sugar as well as other ingredients that may be toxic. For someone who comes from a family that has a history of diabetes, the chances of suffering from this condition will be increased if too much of these drinks are consumed. The worst part is that the effects take a long time to manifest and by the time you notice that you are suffering, it may be already too late.

Risk of Developing Dependencies
If you take a closer look at the people who regularly use energy drinks, you will notice that they can hardly go for a day without using them. These drinks become like their source of everything. With such a dependency, life can never be the same again. The reason why this happens is that caffeine is a highly addictive ingredient. Although it is true that it helps to make someone work better and be sharper in the initial stages, it also means that you will not be sharp without it once you develop dependency syndromes.

Considering that the learners at Coventry Secondary School are just young people, there is no doubt that they will be harder hit by the effects of energy drinks compared to adults. This is the reason why the school management was right in imposing this ban. In as much as some people may want to protest it, there is no doubt that it is in the best interest of the kids. There are many other safe drinks that they can take without exposing themselves to health risks that will alter their lives forever.

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