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What You Should Know About Antidepressant Pills

There is no doubt that battling depression is a difficult task. The effects of this condition can be life threatening and therefore, the victim needs a combination of solutions to survive. Over the years, those who suffer from depression have always pegged their hope on the availability of antidepressants. These are small pills that can change someone’s mood and help them to steer away from the things that depress them. However, as some doctors have found out, there could be a dark side to the use of these pills that people do not know of. Here is a detailed look at antidepressants and their effects.

Are There Any Side Effects?
These pills, which are usually wrapped in silver foils, have been in circulation for many years. In fact, most medical agencies report that the demand for these pills grows every year. In as much as many people are using them, the fact that the demand grows means that the problem is also growing. Maybe, there are wore situations caused by the intake of the pills and that is why a victim has to use them over and over again. Indeed, doctors have spent many years studying the side effects of antidepressants and have come up with various findings.

Increased Risk of Suicide
If you have been using antidepressants, the last thing that you want to hear is that they increase the possibility of suicide. However, it appears that this could be true if the findings of a recent study are anything to go by. The results show that those who use these pills are more likely to have suicide thoughts. Considering that millions of people buy these drugs every year, it is unimaginable the number of people who are thinking about suicide right now. It also is an indication of the time bomb the communities sit on when they continue relying on pills to manage depression.

Addiction to Antidepressants
Another situation that worries doctors when it comes to the use of pills to manage depression is the fact that some patients get addicted to them. There are patients who have to take these pills every day so as to perform their daily duties normally. This is not a good thing. What will happen when the supply is cut? For such patients, an interruption in the supply of antidepressants almost spells the end of their lives. Their world will come crashing and they will not handle it. Such life can be unbearable, and it could be the reason why a majority of them think about suicide.

Although alternatives to antidepressants may be difficult to find, one thing that is for sure is that there are better ways out there to treat depression. For instance, communities should learn how to use counseling and therapy to help people wit stress, depression will be avoided. The problem is that everyone is looking for a quick fix and that is why they run for the pills as opposed to the other options. These pills should not be left to take control of people’s lives.

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