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The Link Between Red Wine And Cancer

Previous studies have always seemed to suggest that red wine and other alcoholic drinks have several health benefits. There has been enough proof to state that this wine can treat acne. It has also been said that these drinks can help you to lose weight and avoid heart attacks. However, new evidence now shows that there are dangers related to continuous intake of wines that most people do not know about. Recent knowledge shows that almost 90% of people who like alcoholic drinks do not even have the slightest idea of the problems that they are exposed to including and increased risk of cancer. You may want to know the following.

Shocking Revelations
Some of the people who were surveyed recently said that they did not know about the risks of taking red wine especially when it comes to cancer. When surveyors set out to talk to these people, they found out that most of them only know that cancer is based on genes. A few of them say that it is caused by smoking. However, it is the younger generation that scores the worst when it comes to this. according to a survey, young people do not believe that they can increase the cancer risk by taking red wine.

Cancer Prevention Campaigns
Scientist say that in order to get the best results when running cancer prevention campaigns, it is important to change the message so as to address the problems caused by red wine. It is evident that people who have had to succumb to the effects of this drinks do not have any idea how they got into it. In fact, some of them think that they are doing a great thing for their health when they actually are drinking their way into a cancerous life. Sad as it sounds, that is what is happening in the United States and beyond the boarders.

There Would Be Less Cancer Without Alcohol
One mind boggling finding by these doctors is that in the UK alone, there are some 21000 cancer cases that would have been avoided if there was no alcohol around. This is a big figure especially if you consider the amount of money that families have to spend when taking care of cancer patients. It also has an immense effect on the community. Therefore, as you shop for that favorite red wine brand, consider what exactly you are doing to your health. The worst part is that even though you can get help and rehabilitation when you are addicted, but can never be the same again when you have cancer.

What most people who depend on alcohol every day do not know is that this problem does not happen in one instance. You may not develop cancer cells if you take one or two glasses of red wine today. However, if you do it over time, you are always going to get it. It therefore boils down to changing your drinking habits and observing your health. This should not be difficult, especially, when there are many support systems around.

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