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Sleeping Disorders Remedy In Reedsburg

It is medically recommended that every adult should sleep for at least six hours in a day. But most people do not get enough sleep because they are too busy or they are affected by various sleep disorders such as restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea. This problem is so big to the extent where 70 million Americans do not sleep properly. Such people get into their beds but the sleep does not come as easily as it once did. Some are compelled to sleep for just a short period because they have to wake up again and go to work or do other things.

Because of the magnitude of this problem the Reedsburg Area Medical Center offers a sleep center that now has Dr. Alexander Villareal who is a renowned sleep specialist. He has joined the specially trained nursing, respiratory and polysomnography staff of the hospital. His main objective together with the rest of the team is to detect and treat an assortment of sleep related issues. When the various sleep related issues are not treated they usually increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression and fatigue related accidents.

Villareal noted that most people felt that they are too busy to deal with the various sleep problems that might be affecting them. Such people also feel that they can overlook the sleep problems because they are not in pain and their lives are still going on. But getting sleep usually improves health and quality of life. He advices people to keep on the look out for the various sleep disorders and if one has such a disorder one should book an appointment.

Villareal went ahead to outline some of the primary symptoms of sleep disorders which include; feeling excessively sleepy during daytime, snoring loudly at night, being unable to fall asleep after going to bed, breathing pauses while asleep and sleep walking. These symptoms can come together or one can show just one of the symptoms. He goes ahead to suggest that you should consult your provider of primary care if your quality of life is being affected by poor quality sleep. After being interviewed and examined by your provider primary care, he or she will advice you whether you should go for a sleep study at RAMC’s Center. The examination is simple where your provider of primary care will ask you a few basic questions and conduct few simple tests. The provider of primary care will use the results to advice the next course of action you should take.

Jennifer Horkan who is the director of respiratory therapy and sleep medicine at the same said that the entire sleep team was excited and happy to welcome Dr. Villareal. She also said that on behalf of the team they were looking forward to helping people be able to sleep more effectively and therefore lead healthier lives.

Dr. Villareal said that part of his job is to make a positive difference in the lives of his patient. This is because he understands that a big difference can be made by just sleeping properly. He also said that he was eager to help people in this friendly community in the small town of Wisconsin be able to live their best lives through getting their best sleep. Therefore, he is looking forward to making a difference in this community of Reedsburg through helping people deal with various sleep disorders.

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