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Long-Term Alcohol Consumption Affects Women’s Bodies Differently Than Men’s

Last week, Wake Forest Baptist Health released a brand report that analyzes and studies the effects of alcohol on a female’s body and how they vary compared to those on a men’s body. The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s director of screening and counseling intervention services Laura Veach cited a variety of different studies. Indeed, it has been noted in previous studies that damage of drinking on a woman’s body over the course of four to five years is the same as the damage a man’s body has sustained after drinking heavily for 20 to 25 years. According to the report, the degree and extent of damage on a woman’s body varies to such an extent because apparently their bodies metabolize alcohol much quicker.

In a press release, Laura Veach claimed that there is not enough research on how alcohol is processed by a woman’s body. Hence, she is not sure why their bodies metabolize alcohol different, but apparently it is related to the concentration of fat and water in their bodies. She did point out a well-known fact. Unlike men, alcohol remains a woman’s liver relatively longer, and so it impairs them and damages their livers to a much greater extent. A phenomenon being referred to as “the telescoping effect” is also mentioned in the report. According to the report women tend to develop a dependence on alcohol far more rapidly than men and its onset in them also tends to occur later.

The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center claims that the telescoping effect can be prevented from occurring. Women who drink alcohol should apparently need to have a better understanding of the standard size of an alcoholic drink. Rethinking Drinking, which is the website of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, provides information on a standard drink size. The standard size of beer is 12 ounces, for wine it is 5 ounces, and for other liquor it is 1 ounce. According to report, a regular bottle of wine is the equivalent of 5 standard alcoholic drinks. It is recommended that women should not drink more than 7 standard alcoholic drinks per week.

The report also mentions that any woman who drinks 4 standard drinks in one day or in a single sitting, which involves alcohol consumption, is basically indulging in risky drinking. The liver of a woman apparently takes one hour in order to metabolize the alcohol in a single drink. Laura Veach also advised women measure the size of each drink and count how many drinks they are having in order to ensure their own healthy and safety. She compared this to an physical and skin cancer checks that many women undergo every year to make sure that they are healthy.

To get an idea of what 5 ounces of wine might look like, Laura Veach even advises women to actually pour it out in a measuring cup. The shapes and sizes of wine glasses tend to vary greatly, so women will be quite surprised when they have a look at that amount in a proper measuring cup. Simple measures like these can help women keep a check on their own amount of alcohol consumption every time they decide to have an alcoholic drink and it will also prevent risky drinking.

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