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Leading A Healthier Lifestyle Is Possible By Getting The Right Amount Of Quality Sleep

College-going students frequently tend to fall under the burden of endless responsibilities, which is the reason they develop unhealthy habits and their mental performance tends to diminish. However, a new study has revealed that getting more sleep can help them avoid both of those.

Out of the entire population of the United States, students attending college suffer from the greatest amount of sleep deprivation than anyone else. Based on reports from students currently studying at Brown University, merely 11% of them get good sleep, while roughly 73% of them are suffering from sleep problems. This lack of sleep can lead to an imbalance of the body’s natural cycle.

The human body prefers to remain consistent. The act of sleeping serves as a biological clock that enables the body to maintain its energy levels. Thus, getting 8 hours of sleep each night if the key for college-going students to improve their performance in the classroom and lead a healthier lifestyle. When someone goes to bed and wakes up at around the same time on a daily basis, it enables their body to release pivotal hormones all day long, which helps them remain sharp throughout the day.

It is because of hormones like the human growth hormone that individuals are able to make the most of their workout. The human growth hormone is also responsible for regulating, bone growth, heart function, metabolism and muscle growth. Sleeping long enough every night ensures that the body is able to produce more of such hormones. Moreover, the brain’s ability to make good judgments and the body’s reaction time also improve. For college-going students who happen to indulge in competitive and/or recreational sports, those can prove to be quite ideal.

Even illness can be avoided by getting the right amount of sleep every night. While an individual is asleep, their immune system is able to recharge the white blood cells that are responsible for combating a variety of ailments, such as colds and flus. Fortunately, even if they do not end up getting enough sleep at night, students should try to take a nap whenever they get the time during the day. At the same time though, napping for too long during the day is not recommended.

Someone who takes a nap for 10 minutes during the day will feel active and refreshed for the next 2 hours. On the other hand, someone who takes a nap for 20 minutes during the day will eventually end up feeling groggy for the next half hour or so. Furthermore, students should never nap for more than 30 minutes during the day because if they do, they will just not be able to fall asleep at night, which may also lead to insomnia.

Someone who does not get enough sleep may also develop unhealthy sleep habits. Insulin sensitivity can develop within the body due to the lack of sleep, which can make an individual feel the need to consume more carbohydrates, fats and sugars. For students, who do not exercise regularly, this can prove to be to be unhealthy.

Many college-going students also do not get enough sleep because of mental health issues, which further increases their stress levels, leads to mood swings, and reduces their coping and problem-solving skills. Thus, for college-going students and virtually for anyone else, the key to leading a healthier lifestyle is to master the art of sleeping.

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